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Employees who have internalized mental flexibility and interpersonal connectability skills are well-positioned to participate in a rich harvest of organizational problem-solving. Utilizing proven conflict resolution skills, “Harvesting Our Potential” inspires a spirit of organizational stewardship that can transform a mediocre organization into a highly successful one. 

The first segment of "Harvesting Our Potential" is "Our Expectations are Showing," a 90 minute session that equips participants to hold and communicate high expectations for all. In business settings, holding high expectations communicates value for employees, which is shown to reduce turnover, grievances, and lawsuits. In educational settings, holding high expectations is shown to increase performance.

"Our Expectations are Showing" Objectives:
1. To explore reasons for low expectations.
2. To contrast historical stereotypes with recent research on intelligence.
3. To visualize specific high expectations behaviors.
Harvesting Our Potential
The second segment of "Harvesting Our Potential" is "ACE-ing Conflict." This session provides the opportunity to practice three fundamental tried-and-true conflict resolution skills to resolve true-to-life conflicts. This workshop is customizable to any source of conflict, because conflict typically involves a difference of some kind. The book Navigating Diversity is a companion text for this workshop.

"ACE-ing Conflict" Objectives
1. To encourage a spirit of organizational stewardship among participants.
2. To deepen understanding of the impact of our words.
3. To increase skill and comfort level for resolving miscommunication, conflict, and discrimination.
4. To practice a 3-step communication and conflict resolution process using real-life examples.
Individuals who are valued rather than stereotyped can fulfill their potential and contribute more to the organization.
Click here for PDF handouts and color sheets  on Native American Indian Tribal Cultures and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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